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Expired Event - Vegan for the planet - 4 Oct 2019

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Vegan for the planet

Every day until Thu 17 Oct 2019
Climate change is upon us, and it is threatening every living creature and ecosystem from sea ice land, polar bears and sea birds over at the Antarctic, to coral reef and the billions of marine life in the sea, to weather patterns and rainfall on our land, all the way to basic human health, animal habitat, and tree, plant, and soil productivity.

Commercial animal farming holds up to 51% of the over-all contribution to climate change. Due to it's enormous amount of greenhouse gas emissions, resource demands, deforestation, and land usage, animal agriculture has topped the charts for leading in climate change.

By taking up our 14 day vegan challenge, you can help reduce your carbon footprint by over 50%! There's no need to wait for alternatives to renewable energy and fuel, we can take immediate action on ending climate change and restoring a green, clean, and natural planet now.

In respect to all farmers, we hope to encourage a switch to plant agriculture and plant based food/material production. With fair incentives from the government and support from people around the world, farmers can enter into an effortless and beneficial transition to plant agriculture and plant based production in a short period of time.
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