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New Children’s Musical a Joyous Celebration of Difference, Creativity ... and Robots

Source: The Art House
Archived 28 Jul 2019 - Posted: 29 May 2019
Eleven-year-old Juniper May struggles at school. On the autism spectrum she is relentlessly bullied by her classmates and when she receives a petition signed by her entire class stating that she is ‘the most hated person in the school’ her life is thrown into complete meltdown. After exhausting all other avenues to help her, her parents resort to the only thing they have left, a giant singing robot.

Brand new children’s musical Robot Song hits the stage at The Art House in July. Based on a true story it’s a deeply touching and funny celebration of difference and creativity, as well as featuring a giant, fully-functioning Robot.

Through music, live animation and video, the show poses and attempts to answer the question, how do we support, foster and celebrate difference in our children in the face of an increasingly rigid and homogenised world?

Robot Song is a genuine family show. It is joyful and full of hope. It is for any child who has ever felt isolated or pushed to the margins and any parent desperate for tools to help. The show employs cutting edge digital technology, startling animatronics and a beautiful original musical score.

“Gorgeously told and superbly crafted, a must-see for young people growing up in a world where bullying is widespread but who need to understand that difference should be seen as an asset.Fiona Parker ABC

“Massively entertaining. It proves there’s something special about being different” Time Out

“Robot Song plays on the wide-eyed innocence of being a child – just letting your imagination soar.” The Blurb

Robot Song

Thursday July 11th 2019

10.00am & 1.00pm in the studio

The Art House, 19 Margaret Street, Wyong NSW

$15.50 - $25 | Perfect for ages 8 - 12

This article archived 28 Jul 2019

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