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From Sydney:
91kms   ·  96 mins by car
From Newcastle:
118kms   ·  101 mins by car
Quick Stats:
235 population (2021 Census)

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The tranquil sea-side village of Patonga, sometimes written on early maps as "Betonga", meaning "oyster" in Aboriginal, is the most southerly beach on the Central Coast. Situated on the edge of recessed Brisk Bay, the waters are calm, pleasant, relatively quiet and good for swimming. Patonga features a public wharf, boat ramp and a fun childrens' play area.

Brisk Bay faces in a south-easterly direction across to West Head, Pittwater and Barrenjoey.

The area is easily acessed by ferry, and by road from the F3 on a well maintained scenic bushland road through Woy Woy.


The dominant feature of this coastal village is the substantially unmodified flora and fauna reserves, providing scenically distinctive backdrops to the waterways.

These areas include portions of Brisbane Water National Park as well as a substantial area of woodland that is part of the recreation area.

Patonga and neighbouring Pearl Beach are the quieter and more secluded locations. Just north of Pearl Beach is Umina Beach, Ocean Beach and Ettalong Beach, all of which are popular and safe.

The varied resources available for visitors to enjoy in the area include the white-sand ocean beachfront, open parkland foreshores, woodland hillsides and well maintained camping and caravan parks at the southern tip of the Patonga Peninsula

Warrah Lookout is the most popular vantage point overlooking Patonga with a vast ocean view. On its western side is Waratah Patch where you can appreciate the natural waratah displays through September and October.

Access is on the short Tony Doyle Walking Trail that leads through the ridge-top bush to the lookout directly out over Broken Bay. There are other colourful wildflowers from July to October and Christmas bells. Just near the lookout, the Doyle Track crosses over a dirt road which the enthusiastic walker can follow to Pearl Beach and Patonga village.

Kayaking is also popular from this isolated village. Meander through the coastal heath forests and mangroves of Brisbane Water National Park on Patonga Creek, allowing you to observe wetland birds in their natural habitat. Flocks of Ibis, Sea Eagles, White faced Herons, Egrets, Spoonbills and Pied Cormorants are regulars on this trip. One of the largest species of sea eagle also nests in this area.

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