Pelican Feeding The Entrance

Pelican Feeding - The Entrance Central Coast

The daily pelican feeding is one of the Central Coast's most popular attractions.

The attraction started over 26 years ago when the staff of a local fish & chips shop fed scraps to the birds on a daily basis. The pelicans began demanding their food from the staff and the feeding was taken over by Jimbo's Quality Seafoods.

As part of The Entrance's revitalization progam, in 1996 a feeding platform was developed with the support of major sponsors and Town Centre Management making it possible to feed the pelicans fresh fish 365 days of the year rain hail or shine.

Unfortunately there are often injuries caused to the Pelicans due to rubbish such as plastic bags, fishing lines and hooks. The volunteers keep a watchful eye out during the daily feeding and capture sick pelicans to remove tangled lines and ensure the birds remain healthy.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy this popular attraction free of charge, however please consider making a donation to support this ongoing service to help cover costs for fresh fish and the purchase of essential rescue equipment for injured birds.

Pelican Feeding is at 3:30pm daily at The Entrance Waterfront.

Daily Pelican Feeding at The EntranceDaily Pelican Feeding at The Entrance

Pelican FeedingPelican Feeding

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